and celebrating her extraordinary lifetime achievements.

Dennis S

Mrs. I thank you for your kindness. You are truly an inspiration. It was a pleasure to celebrate you today!

Ville Husso

Sorry i couldn’t make it today for your party. Happy birthday, i hope you have a great day and thank you for everything you do!


Thank you Mrs. Ilitch! I love my job and the values you and Mr. Ilitch bring to the organization and your way of life are a model for me and my family.


Wonderful program! To have a front row seat for the past 60 plus years as friends to you and Mike has been a tremendous honor for Fran and me. Congratulations!

Colleen & Tom B

We love you for who you are and encourage us to become. xxxooo


Sorry to miss this great event but I’m enjoying it from afar. Thank you for all you’ve done for the Tigers and many others. Much love to you!


Marian – it is such a privilege to be a part of your organization. Your example is inspiring!

Jonatan Berggren

Hey! Sorry I couldn’t be there! Congratulations on a amazing legacy! 🐙 Enjoy the day! have the best!

Helen D

Nothing made my mom (Helen) more happy than to make her zelnik for you and Mike. You have been such a wonderful and generous friend. You are so dearly loved and appreciated.


Mrs. I. – Thanks for providing me a 34 year career with LC. You impacted me and my family in endless ways. Blessings and all the best!!!


What an amazing life – so proud to call you our friend!


Miss I is the GOAT! Nothing more needs to be said 💎✨✨✨

Parks & Gingery

Marian, we are so fortunate to have been just a small part of your remarkable life. Thank you.


Thank Mrs. Ilitch and your husband Mike for all the support you have extended to our Detroit Veteran Community.


Mrs. I, I’ve never met you, and I’ve only been here for a year. This place truly feels like a family to me, and I love everyday I am able to be here.

Dylan Larkin

Mrs I, thank you for everything you do for our team and this city. I wish you the happiest of birthdays.


Mrs. I, It’s been such a privilege to have worked for your organization, BlueLine, for 36 years. Your vision, leadership and accomplishments are so inspiring.

Patti K

Thank you Mrs I for giving so much to so many. You are an eternal inspiration!

David Perron

I wish I could have make it to your birthday party. Congratulations on a special legacy and I hope youhave a great night.


You’re a wonderful part of Detroit!

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