Hi Teta, Wow! What a wonderful celebration yesterday! We enjoyed the pictures, learning so much more about you, and hearing all the great stories. The Fox is a gorgeous venue and just one of the many contributions you have made to the city! The program was first rate, very comprehensive and well done. Kudos to … Continued

I have never met Mrs. I in person have seen her a few times in the Fox. I was truly amazed by all she has done her celebration was truly inspirational to me and I walked away feeling like I finally got to meet her. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon and to … Continued

Thank you Mrs. I for all that you’ve done for the city of Detroit and its residents. You and your family’s legacy is truly a blessing that will live on forever. We appreciate you!

Mrs. I, I remember how much I always wanted to work for Little Caesars. When the opportunity came up, I told the recruiter I didn’t care the salary or anything, just get me that job! My boss to be at the time was tired of looking but agreed to see me and the rest is … Continued

Marian and Marian. Double Trouble since 1933!

Marian and Marian- Double Trouble since 19333! We love you, Teta!

Dear Mrs. Ilitch, I wanted to take a moment to extend my heartfelt congratulations on your Lifetime Achievement Celebration. This recognition is a testament to your remarkable accomplishments and the profound impact you made throughout your life. As I reflect on my own journey, I feel incredibly grateful to have been a part of the … Continued

Marian, Nothing made my mom (Helen) more happy than to make her zelnik for you and Mike. You have been such a wonderful and generous friend. You are so dearly loved and appreciated. Helen and Dana

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